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Universities will state their English language requirement in various tests – the minimum grade overall, and usually the minimum grades required in writing, speaking, listening and reading. Different universities require different test scores and even within institutions, these are often higher for courses such as medicine and law. You will ... Oxford is at the forefront of research in the humanities internationally, attracting outstanding students, academics and researchers from across the globe. As a result, graduate students have the opportunity to undertake their studies and research in a stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding intellectual environment.

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MELD – McMaster English Language Development Diploma. If you are a student who meets all academic requirements but does not meet the minimum English-language proficiency scores detailed above, you may still qualify for an offer of admission that is conditional upon the successful completion of the MELD program.

Learn more about: Minimum academic requirements English language proficiency requirements (ELP) Conditional ELP admission English language proficiency exemptions Minimum academic requirements The University of Waterloo, Senate Graduate and Research Council (SGRC) establishes the minimum academic admission requirements common to all graduate students. Learn more about our

English Language Requirements Future Students. The language of instruction at The University of Winnipeg is English. Students must have a level of ability in English that allows them to participate in all aspects of university study, including lectures, reading, writing, and discussion. The English proficiency requirement can be fulfilled through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Applicants are strongly urged to make arrangements to take these examinations early in the fall. Scores more than 2 years old are not accepted. Though there are other requirements that SFU regards as important. It includes the English language requirements, quantitative and analytical skills requirements. The skill is required in the following four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. English Language Requirements. English is the language of instruction at SFU. English language requirements (PG) To study at King’s, it is essential that you can communicate effectively in English and are able to do so in an academic environment. Has obtained (or is about to obtain) an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the language of instruction. Has obtained (or is about to obtain) an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized institution in Canada or the United States of America (anglophone or francophone).

International applicants for admission to the University of Chicago must meet English language requirements set by the school. Information about English language requirements can be found below. For questions beyond what are listed in the FAQs at the bottom, please contact your admissions office. The Pre-Master’s Pathway Programme is an academic English course for international students with conditional offers for postgraduate study at Trinity. Passing the programme means you meet Trinity’s English language requirement and can progress to your postgraduate course without retaking IELTS or any other exam.

Applicants can demonstrate their English language proficiency by completing an English language test or through previous secondary or tertiary study. To ensure that students have a good chance of succeeding at Notre Dame, the University sets minimum English language proficiency standards as outlined below. The UBC English Graduate Program, one of the most vibrant and wide-ranging in Canada, has been awarding the M.A. degree since 1919. Students may earn the degree in each of two areas: English Literature and English Language. Indeed, the UBC English Department is one of the few departments in North America to offer a language program in addition to its literary programs. English Language The ...

The MET program at SFU is a professional degree which provides MET graduates with training in basic and applied sciences with real world work skills. The MET Program Requirements Every MET program consists of a minimum of 32 graduate course credit hours, including the following courses: All programmes at the University of Southampton are taught and assessed in the medium of English (other than those in modern foreign languages). Therefore, all applicants must demonstrate they possess at least a minimum standard of English language proficiency. This web page sets out our requirements. Students requiring a visa to study in the UK.

An international graduate student holding a master’s degree, or completing all years of a bachelor's degree or higher, from an accredited institution located in the U.S. qualifies for alternative verification. Resources: English Language Proficiency Requirements: General Information English Language Proficiency Requirements. Applicants from a university outside Canada at which English is not the primary language of instruction must present evidence of competency to pursue studies in the English language prior to being extended an offer of admission. Test scores must have been taken within the last 24 months. English language proficiency An excellent command of the English language is a prerequisite for participation in the (research) Master's and PhD programmes at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. In principle, all applicants must include a proof of proficiency in English with their application.

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